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Privacy Policy

Leiden United, situated at Kaiserstraat 13, 2311 GN Leiden, is responsible for use of personal data as displayed in this
privacy statement.

Contact details:, Kaiserstraat 13, 2311 GN Leiden,

1. Personal data we use
1.1 Leiden United makes use of your personal data because you make use of our services and/or because you gave them
yourself. Hereby you will find an overview of the data we use:
a. E-mail address;
b. First- and lastname;
c. Gender;
d. Date of birth;
e. Country of origin;
f. Phone number;
g. Study;
h. Hobbies/interests;
i. Other personal data which you gave us actively (such as a CV by applications).

2. Special and/or sensitive personal data we use
2.1. Leiden United registers the following information for the dinners for which this information is necessary:
a. Allergies;
b. Food preferences ((non)Vegetarian/Vegan)
3. Pictures
3.1. During Leiden United activities pictures are taken for promotional purposes (website, facebook etc).

4. Purpose of use of data
4.1. Leiden United makes use of your personal data because of the following:
a. Taking care of payments, such as contribution and payments for the activities;
b. Sending of newsletters;
c. Placing members in a group;
d. To get in contact when this is necessary to provide our services;
e. To inform you of changes in our program;
5. The term we keep your personal data
5.1. Leiden United does not keep your personal data longer then strictly necessary to achieve the goals Leiden United has
set itself.
a. First- and lastname, gender, date of birth, country of origin, phone number, e-mail address, study, hobbies,
allergies and food allergies: till one year after the end of the membership;
b. CV: We keep this with a maximum of two weeks after the announcement for being accepted or not.

6. Sharing personal data with third parties
6.1. Leiden United shares personal data such as allergies and food preferences with third parties when it’s necessary to
provide the services.

7. Cookies
7.1 Leiden United makes use of cookies on the website.
8. See, change or delete personal data
8.1 You have the right to see, change or delete your shared personal data. Besides that you have the right to withdraw your
permission for us to use or share your personal data. This means you can submit a request for us to see, change or delete
your data. You can do this by sending us an e-mail to with subject ‘Personal data’.Leiden United wants to attend you that it is possible to send your complaint over our use of your data to the national
supervisor of personal data. You can do this by clicking on the following link

9. We secure your personal data
9.1 Leiden United is serious with protecting your privacy. If you think your personal data are not protected in the right way,
don’t hesitate to contact us on