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Leiden Life Hacks

Hack your student life with Leiden United

Hello there! Welcome to Leiden!

Whether you’re just settling in or already know Leiden’s crisscrossing streets like the back of your hand, we, the members of the board, have compiled some of our personal tips and tricks for you, to unlock all Leiden has to offer!​


Besides studying, many Dutch students have a job, do sports and become member of a student association. Associations exist in many different shapes and sizes: There are social associations, sports associations, religious associations and most studies have their own study association as well. Some of the associations have their own restaurant where you can have dinner for a small price. To enter societies, you have to be a member of the association or of Leiden United. We take you to the restaurants of the six biggest associations in town!

​Hack your Leiden Life by signing up with Leiden United! Experience all of Leiden student life and make lasting connections with the most amazing people from both across the globe and across the street.

Bikes, bikes, bikes

Central to your time in Leiden and to becoming a true Dutchie is, of course, having your very own bicycle. Everything in Leiden in within cycling distance, making a bike your key to discovery. The Dutch really love their bicycles, that much is clear. But, did you know that there are 22.8 million of them in the Netherlands? That is 1.33 bikes per person! Soon you will be one of them!

However, finding and buying the right bike can be difficult and expensive; with theft insurance and repairs hiking the price even more. But don’t worry, LU is here to help! We recommend buying a bike second-hand or opting for a rental bike with a monthly fee. 

Our Personal Tips 

Shanté says: “When coming to Leiden, you should definitely go on a boat tour sometime! Leiden has many beautiful canals on which you can sail with a (rented) boat. Especially in the summertime, when it’s hot outside, a relaxing boat tour with some drinks is all you need. In Leiden there are companies where you can go on a boat tour in bigger groups, but you can also gather your friends and rent a boat for yourselves. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on this activity!​”

Lukas says: “If you ever consider to work besides your studies to earn some extra money, consider participating in Leiden University Research. It is a great way to develop your academic skills, it is interesting and you get paid!”

Beyza says: “My advice for new comers in Leiden is to keep an eye on the upcoming events. Leiden is such a lively and fun city with a ton of different activities to dive into. Some of my absolute favorites include the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) and the captivating Museum Night Leiden.”