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Student Membership

During the semester you will be placed in a small group: the FOODIE group. With this group you will have dinners and can explore Leiden together. When the semester starts, you can first look forward to an introduction event. This event is a great way to meet the board, your fellow LU members and your dinner group.

When signing up for Leiden United, you will be part of a group consisting of both Dutch and international students. Together you will dine at the 6 big associations of Leiden and once in The Hague. This means you will go to Minerva, Augustinus, Quintus, Catena, SSR and DAC. There you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and get an exclusive look inside the societies. As a Leiden United member you are not only allowed to enter the restaurant, you will also get a tour in their building. Besides that, a couple of the societies open their doors for our members to parties. All is included in the membership fee.

We have monthly drinks, parties and other social events. A lot of associations ask a mandatory presence of their members at social drinks. Our drinks and other events are absolutely without obligation. In this way, you can easily adapt Leiden United to your own schedule. Of course, we would love to see you during the activities, of which there will be a great variety: from cultural tours through cities, to themed parties or social events like games nights and pubquizzes. Join us and relish your time spent studying in Leiden!

Practical Information

There are two opportunities to sign up, at the beginning of the fall semester and at the beginning of the spring semester. This means that the program runs per semester and not per year as is often the case. This is especially chosen for international students who will only attend Leiden University for one exchange semester. Of course you can renew your membership after the end of every semester if you are staying for a longer period of time.​

For the spring semester, we still offer the LIGHT membership: The LIGHT membership fee is 15 EUR and includes access to all our activities, membership discounts for our parties and a lot of fun!

There are 2 ways to make your payment: 

Alumnus Membership